GIS and Mapping

GIS (geographic information systems) and mapping underpin several essential applications.  

The real estate market uses GIS to present neighborhood information. Proper mapping can give users a sense of favorite hot spots and help drive purchasing decisions. 

Location-based advertising enables local business to effectively reach customers on the internet and mobile platforms by targeting customers who are near them.

Applications such as navigation, artificial intelligence, planning, and logistics all depend on integrating GPS information with extended data sources to allow data services to work in the physical world. 

Each of these application areas combines the challenges of large data sets and network awareness with the need for spatial awareness and integration into graphs of roads and other connections.   These make GIS a particularly high bar for many application makers. 

Data which is associated with location requires special techniques and algorithms.   Often users need to do proximity or time to travel computations or cluster items into regions.

Verde Code has worked extensively with GIS. Previous successful projects include:

Location-based advertising system for mobile phones.  The system would target advertising to mobile users based on information like zip code or cell phone tower.  This service was a value add for small business who needed to target customers in a specific geographic region. 

3D world building system.  The 3D system provided training and simulation.  The editor needed to deal with many aspects of mapping and geography,  including satellite imagery,  height mapping, dealing with very high volumes of data,  path planning, ray casting, and 3D to 2D projections. 

Verde Code can help you design and build GIS and location-aware systems and integrate them into more extensive cloud-based solutions.